The Second Cube Connector: Pointing Out the Arrows

The Cube Connectors series, which began with this post, continues with a glimpse into the classroom of Hannah Yazzolino.  The resource which I shared on Twitter, and which Hannah used very effectively in her classroom – even before it was in an animated form – is now downloadable in both an animated form and as a greyscale PDF.

Here is the heart of this post:  The annotated arrows that fill cube connectors are much more than just answers.  They are the beginning of powerful opportunities for students.  The Cube Connectors slide will offer several opportunities.  But even more opportunities – and much better ones – will emerge as you build and annotate the connections you find.


Thank you for sharing this picture, Hannah!

You can follow Hannah Yazzolino on Twitter @hyazzolino

Click here to download:

Here is the updated PPT slide, ready to download: Cube Connectors Slide 2

Here is the link to the PDF:  Cube Connectors 2 PDF


Also, if you haven’t seen the original cube connectors post, I recommend taking a quick look at it.

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Hannah Yazzolino






Introducing Cube Connectors

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Cube Connectors is a strategy that I’ve created – and would like to share with you.  This combination of images and descriptions will have your students seeking connections in ways you may never have anticipated!

In addition, I plan to create an ongoing bank of resources so that you can turn the cube connectors strategy into a classroom routine!

Before you download the three free resources – including the animated slides – watch the video.  Then you will be ready to unleash this powerful resource in you classroom.

Along the way, if you take pictures, please send them to me.  I’d love to post some on the blog!



Click here to download:

Cube Connectors Slide 1 (with annotations)

Cube Connectors Slide 1 (without any annotations)

Cube Connectors PDF


Update!  The Second Cube Connector resource is now ready at this link!


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Thank you for reading!  I look forward to seeing your pictures!









Cube Connectors Pic