8 Lessons About Educators

I am a deeply hungry learner – just like you.  Diving headlong into the world of Twitter, the adventure of blogging, and the life of a connected educator, I have discovered several highly apparent lessons about educators – truths about you.  Many of these lessons have become increasingly apparent through the interactions that I have been privileged to share.   Lesson #1  Educators Want Resources and Strategies The traffic patterns on my blog have made one concept very clear to me:  Educators want resources.  As educators we hunger for high-quality strategies that we can immediately use.  When I post general … Continue reading 8 Lessons About Educators

Math Imposter Sets (with Video and PDF)

Over 15 years ago, I began using Imposter Sets in my math classroom.  Imposter Sets frequently produce rich, insightful discussion about important math concepts.  Students readily embrace the mystery of Imposter Sets.  Classroom discussions are frequently characterized by investigation, exploration, and wonder. … Continue reading Math Imposter Sets (with Video and PDF)

The Quicksand of Learning

If you blog, this might sound familiar:  Partway through a post, but not yet finished.  That’s me, right now.  I’m slugging it out, slogging through the middle.   The “quicksand middle” is how I’ve come to think of it.  The more I struggle, the more difficult it seems to be.  Oddly, I have everything I need.  The idea is clear and the concept is complete.  The words are on the page, and the ending is within reach.   I think what it lacks is breathing.  The breathing in and out of life.   I blog about what I know and what … Continue reading The Quicksand of Learning