The Quicksand of Learning

If you blog, this might sound familiar:  Partway through a post, but not yet finished.  That’s me, right now.  I’m slugging it out, slogging through the middle.   The “quicksand middle” is how I’ve come to think of it.  The more I struggle, the more difficult it seems to be.  Oddly, I have everything I need.  The idea is clear and the concept is complete.  The words are on the page, and the ending is within reach.   I think what it lacks is breathing.  The breathing in and out of life.   I blog about what I know and what … Continue reading The Quicksand of Learning

The Parent’s Story of the Child

Your potential effectiveness as a teacher to each student will continually increase throughout the year. Why? Because you have the opportunity to better understand each child as the school year unfolds.  You see opportunities to differentiate across the classroom, and you wonder how to make it happen – and you strive to find ways to meet the needs of each student.   In short, you begin to understand each child’s story – at least the classroom version of the story.   But, do you know the parents’ story of the child?   That is the powerful backstory of each child that … Continue reading The Parent’s Story of the Child

#1reflection – What would happen?

#1reflection   This was the first tweet:   “I’m just wondering something… What would happen if educators posted just #1reflection at the end of each day? What effect would that have?”   Consumed by the race, crushed by the rush, and blurring forward into the busyness of life, we strain to prepare, to plan, to anticipate, to see it all coming.  We drive with passion into the future.   But what about reflecting?   The end of the weekend is spent thinking about the week to come, mentally reeling in the details.  The more time we spend preparing, the more … Continue reading #1reflection – What would happen?