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Steve Wyborney is an award-winning teacher and instructional coach from Oregon. He is well known for his use of instructional technology and his work with mathematics and his passionate belief in the exceptional potential of every student.  In 2005, Steve was named the Oregon Teacher of the Year.

Steve is also the author of the 25 Common Core Math Lessons for the Interactive Whiteboard series for grades 1-6 (Scholastic).  If you are interested in this series, you simply need PowerPoint and a projector in your classroom.

Steve’s most recent series Week-by-Week Math Review for the Digital Classroom (grades 1-6) was just released on June 1.  Like the earlier series, you simply need PowerPoint and a projector to use this resource.

Steve’s ebook, “Long Division Made Easy,” is an animated e-book available through Scholastic.



  1. I am desperately trying to track down a link to either he video or just the image from a video I came across either via you or at NCTM a few springs ago. My district swapped out my laptop and didn’t save my bookmarks or files. The graphic I remember is the pictorial representation of numbers 1-30 in colorded circles and sections that lead to a great what do you notice discussion in class…kids finally see it represents prime and composite numbers and factors etc. does this ring any bells with you?

    1. Let me brainstorm. You could ask students to reveal a set of numbers with a given sum. You could have students create patterns for one another. I think you may find more interaction if you use one laptop for every two students so that you can promote discourse. You could create lists of numbers and have students create the matching visual pattern. You could ask students to anticipate what type of pattern may be produced from a number set. Let me give you an example. What do you think this shape would look like: 23, 24, 25, 34, 14? Here is another challenge for you… Can you visualize 14, 25, 36? I think there are many, many possibilities waiting to be discovered, but I would recommend keeping the learning social, interactive, centered on number sense, and would keep discourse within reach as often as possible.

  2. I will get back to you on that. 🙂
    Fyi, shared your videos again with a group of teachers before they went visiting today.
    Plan on using them with administrators next week.
    So thank you again!

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