3 Powerful Tile Strategies (and 40 new downloadable pages)


3 Powerful Tile Strategies will equip you to provide number sense opportunities to your students that involve composing and decomposing either whole numbers or fractions.  This is a very flexible resource that can be used in any grade, K-12.

This post follows up the wildly popular Tiled Area Questions and Primary Tile Questions posts with even more strategies – and with 40 brand new downloadable pages!

By using some or all of the 3 Powerful Tile Strategies your students will have strong ongoing opportunities to develop number sense in bright, colorful, and insightful ways.


Download pages 1-10 here.

Download pages 11-20 here.

Download pages 21-20 here.

Download pages 31-40 here.

Here is a glimpse into how Molly Rawding and the amazing fourth grade team at her school are including tiled area questions in a 3-week challenge!  You can follow Molly on Twitter @MollyR54321


Update:  If you have not yet read Chase Orton’s blog post, entitled “Using tile problems to introduce fractions and create intellectual need,” you should stop and read it now!  The way Chase uses story, images, student examples, and instructional tactics vividly brings readers directly into a powerful experience.  His post also allows you to see how he keeps pressing himself and those around him to reach for deeper levels of learning.  You can find Chase on Twitter @mathgeek76 and find his blog here.


Update:  Here is a pic from Jon Orr (@MrOrr_Geek) who tweeted “I’m seeing extensions into @SteveWyborney ‘s Tiled Area problems into algebra…”  Nice extension, Jon!

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