Tiled Area Questions

Tiled Area Questions are designed to provide students with the opportunity to compose and decompose numbers.  This post primarily focuses on fractions.  However, if you are a K-2 teacher, please be watching for a modification that will make these resources extremely useful for you.

Watch the video, download the resources, and give your student the opportunity to visualize, decompose, compare, and compose numbers.



Click here to download the 12 Colored Displays.


Click here to download the 12 Combination Displays.


Click here to download the 12 White Printables.


Click here to download the 12 Pages with 6 Identical Images.



I encourage you to give your students opportunities to see the same concept in many different ways.

Tiled Area Question Pic


***NEW***  The K-2 post is ready!!!  Visit it here:  Primary Tile Questions


Many thanks to Melissa D. for sharing these pictures from her 7th grade classroom in Toronto.  You can follow Melissa on Twitter @Dean_of_math .




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