Strategies for Using the Maze Hundreds Chart

After introducing the downloadable Maze Hundreds Chart yesterday, this post details some strategies for using the interactive chart in your classroom.  If you have not yet watched the first post, I encourage you to take a quick look at it before viewing these strategies.

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Here are some strategies for using The Maze Hundreds Chart.



You can download The Maze Hundreds Chart here.


You may also enjoy the post that surprises many readers entitled “How to Create 9 Identical Dot Patterns in 10 Seconds or Less.

Another downloadable resource I recommend is 180 Opportunities to Notice.

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    1. You’re welcome, Mona! You may well find that the more you use the Maze Hundreds Chart, the more types of questions you are able to ask. It feels like the chart itself leads to a discovery journey. Enjoy!

    1. Excellent! Thanks, Margaret! I would love to see pictures of your screen showing the patterns that you create!

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