The Maze Hundreds Chart

The Maze Hundreds Chart is a resource that is surprisingly powerful and leads to some very unexpected learning opportunities.

Much like The Animated Multiplication Table, this is a free, downloadable resource that will cause you to see an old, familiar chart in some new and surprising ways.

Watch the video, download the interactive resource, and then take a look at the next blog post which will feature a variety of types of questions which you may never have been able to ask your students before seeing this resource.


NOTE:  Because this is a triggered PowerPoint document, it will need to be played in PowerPoint in order to have the interactivity shown in the video.

CLICK HERE to download the Maze Hundreds Chart.

Update!  The Follow-up Post is Ready:  Strategies for Using the Maze Hundreds Chart.

As always, I would treasure seeing pictures of your classroom that show how you use this resource.  If you decide to take a picture, email it to me or connect with me on Twitter @stevewyborney

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Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.


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  1. Steve,
    This looks awesome! I’m a math coach at a school for the Deaf and I would love to share it with my staff, however it doesn’t seem to function within Google Slides or Keynote. Any suggestions for someone who doesn’t have access to MS PowerPoint?

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