Introducing Cube Connectors

Cube Connectors is a strategy that I’ve created – and would like to share with you.  This combination of images and descriptions will have your students seeking connections in ways you may never have anticipated!

In addition, I plan to create an ongoing bank of resources so that you can turn the cube connectors strategy into a classroom routine!

Before you download the three free resources – including the animated slides – watch the video.  Then you will be ready to unleash this powerful resource in you classroom.

Along the way, if you take pictures, please send them to me.  I’d love to post some on the blog!



Click here to download:

Cube Connectors Slide 1 (with annotations)

Cube Connectors Slide 1 (without any annotations)

Cube Connectors PDF


Update!  The Second Cube Connector resource is now ready at this link!


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Thank you for reading!  I look forward to seeing your pictures!









Cube Connectors Pic











  1. My first thought was ‘how do I know there are cubes underneath the top ones?’ because I’m that student…. and to wonder whether some students might struggle w/ the 3D aspects of this (which can be a good thing if they’re building with the struggle). I’d want some real cubes around to play with different arrangements (including linear) — and maybe to have a ‘number line’ version of it, too. (I work w/ adult learners who would first have to work around the “what’s the right answer????” issue, too… which this activity would be great for!)

    1. Now that is great feedback! Thank you, Susan! This is really helpful. I certainly wrestled with the “hidden cubes” issue. Along the way, I switched the entry animation so that for just a moment they are transparent, and you can see through them, but clearly there are so many that it is hard to distinguish in that moment. Any ideas on how to state that the “hidden cubes” are present. I’d like that to be clear so that there can be a solid focus on the intended ideas. I very much appreciate this feedback!

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