The Hundreds Chart Video Tweet: My Learning Risk

I’m on a learning mission.  I am hungry to learn, and I need your help.  Truthfully, we probably all need each other to fuel one another’s passion for learning.

When we connect, we ignite.

So, I’m taking a risk.  I’m trying something new.  I’m stretching the boundary of what I know to an uncomfortable place where I very well might fail, but where I am likely to grow.  I am going to try something new.

This is a “video tweet.”  It consists of a PowerPoint resource that I just created a few minutes ago, a resource that I would like to send to you.  It is a hundreds chart and a series of instructional ideas.  The chart is simple, but the opportunities to pursue mathematical understanding are powerful once you begin to see them.

There is no Hollywood-quality microphone here, no fancy production.  But I made the resource with this belief:  If I take the learning risk, then the product of that risk might become even better when you hold it in your hands.  The resource will become better when you look at it with the lens that only you have: the understanding of your students.

Your students are amazing.  You know your group of students better than anyone else.  So I’m taking a risk.  Here is a resource.

If it interests you, contact me and I’ll make sure it reaches you.

I am on a learning mission.




    1. Hi, Krista. Thank you for this note! I’ll set the interactive hundreds chart up so that it can be downloaded. I’ll try to finish that tonight. I’m sure it is a 2-minute task that will take me a little longer, since I am new to this part of blogging. It should have a download link soon.

  1. Hi Steve,

    I just discovered your AMAZING multiplication chart via a colleague and went to discover what other resource you have created… thank you for sharing and creating the helpful videos to accompany the tools. If you could please e-mail me this hundreds chart it would be greatly appreciated. I’ll also be following you on tweeter so I can be kept in the know of your creations!

    1. Hi, Elizabeth. I’ll set up the hundreds chart so that it can be downloaded soon. What a nice comment! Thank you!

  2. Hi Steve,
    I just discovered your amazing tweet. I’m new the the tweet world and love your interactive 100’s chart. Over the Thanksgiving break I am lucky enough to have a Smart Board installed in my classroom. I think that your interactive 100’s chart would be a great addition to my first grade program. Your video was fantastic. Thanks so much.
    Claire Dietsche
    Vermont Teacher Blogger

  3. This would be great for students with working memory difficulties – makes it easy to provide more visual and less verbal input. Wonder if next version could have greater colour contrast between black and the pointer colour to make it easier for some students to see? Love a copy. Think you missed one of the prime numbers though!

    1. Hi, Anne. I was clicking pretty quickly, so I certainly may have missed a prime number. Which one are you thinking of?

  4. Hi Steve,
    Thanks for joining us on #4thchat this evening. Love your interactive 100s chart. So many great ways for students to build better number sense by using it. I would love to have access to it. TYIA.

  5. Wow Steve, this is an amazing resource. I can see so many uses with my firsties. I’d love to get a copy if possible. I’ll let you know how we end up using it in class. Thanks so much!

  6. Steve,

    Love the resource and would appreciate being able to use with my kiddos.
    Right now, I teach second graders but have taught 2nd-6th graders and this tool would be great for all.


    1. Excellent! It is easy to overlook the powerful uses for a hundreds chart at the upper grade levels. I am excited that you will be using it!

  7. Steve, this is a tremendous resource. I can see so many possible uses for students. If you could please send me the interactive Hundreds Chart I would be very grateful.
    Please keep up the fantastic work and sharing your thinking, it is very helpful to those of us who don’t get to work one class over from you .
    Grins! Julie

    1. Hi, Julie. It is great to hear from you. Thank you for the kind words. Please le me know if the chart doesn’t arrive. It should be there now. I’m excited that you will be using it!

  8. This is a terrific tool! I would use it on my Promethean Board. I see so many great uses for it. Mental math, patterns, counting practice. I would love to have this resource if you are willing to share it.

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