The Cube Carving Template

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The Cube Carving Template allows you to create very interesting 3-dimensional images in 10 seconds or less.  This post includes the downloadable template and explains how to use it.  I also recommend viewing Color the Cube Connectors to learn about some very interesting ways to use the shapes you create.


CLICK HERE to download the template.

Two other posts that may interest you are Introducing Cube Connectors and The Second Cube Connector: Pointing Out the Arrows.

Feel free to send pictures of the cube structures you create and how your students annotate and interact with them.

If you like this strategy, you may also be interested in How to Create 9 Identical Dot Patterns in 10 Seconds or Less or Provide Massive Space to Notice.

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I would treasure hearing about your experiences using the Cube Carving Template to promote number sense in your classroom!

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  1. I was just using your number line PPT today with my first graders! I’ve been using your materials since I heard your presentation in Eugene last spring. I notice such a growth in my students’ depth of understanding. Thank you for sharing your work with the larger teaching community.

    1. Thank you, Debbie, for sharing this with me. It’s great to hear updates like this! Have a wonderful day!

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