Monthly Archives: November 2017

Can You Solve the Duplicator Lab Riddles?

“You have unwittingly stumbled into a duplicator lab…” As you watch this brief, animated story about the duplicator lab – which includes 3 riddles – you may find yourself reaching forĀ  a piece of paper, a pencil, and an entirely new kind of strategy. How challenging will it be to solve the riddles from inside of the duplicator lab? Watch the video, answer the riddles, and post any comments you… Read Article →

The Nested Splat! Series

Here are 35 brand new Splat! lessons ready to download and use in your classroom. This time the Splats! are nested within each other. If you enjoyed 50 lessons in The Original Splat Series and the 20 lessons in The Fraction Splat Series, you are about to discover a new variation with a fascinatingĀ  twist! Watch the video, download the lessons, and use them in your classroom to promote rich… Read Article →