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How is Math Like Peanut Butter?

How is math like peanut butter?  How are prime numbers like glue? Here is an instructional strategy that you can quickly use to help students to think carefully about the attributes of two very unlike ideas. This post ends differently than my other animated posts.  It ends with a challenge.  I am looking for at least 20 educators who will complete one or both of the two statements listed below, and… Read Article →

The Parking Meter Question

You are about to see a question, a flexible mathematical model, a solution pathway, and an answer. My question to you:  Do you agree with the answer that I provide in the video? In one week, I will post an animated model which will either prove or disprove the answer suggested in the video. To provide additional thinking space I’ve made a PDF which you can download here.  Good luck, and… Read Article →

I am on a Learning Mission

I am a learner on a learning mission.  I am determined to learn.  I am ready to step into new territory.  I cannot stand still.   With one foot on what I already know The other reaching for something new I stretch.   I do not blog because I am able.  I blog because I am trying to learn how, to learn more, and to learn from the learners who… Read Article →

8 Animated Dots and 1 Powerful Question

Here are 8 dots and 2 questions.  One of the questions is very powerful.  I hope this short video will cause your perspective to shift multiple times and will allow you to see through the eyes of several of your students.     Here are some recent posts which may also be of interest: A simple activity to launch a powerful discussion:  What is in the Cup? A highly engaging… Read Article →

What is in the cup? (fractions and ratios)

What is in the cup?  This is an engaging, interactive, classroom community and exploration activity that will lead to powerful discussion.  Watch the video below and try this activity in your classroom.     Another post you might be interested in is this powerful vocabulary activity:  Talk a Mile a Minute. You may also be interested in: The Number Concept Map Math in Motion Math Imposter Sets The Green Light… Read Article →

The Multiplication FLAIR

A FLAIR is a highly interactive document that can be used flexibly to rapidly provide independent feedback to students.  The video below will detail how to use the Multiplication FLAIR document.  FLAIR is an acronym for Feedback for Learning at an Advanced Independent Rate.  While I have hundreds of different kinds of FLAIR documents that I’ve written over the years, I wanted to begin by sharing the Multiplication FLAIR.  I… Read Article →

My Version of the Talk a Mile a Minute Vocabulary Activity

Talk a Mile a Minute is a truly powerful classroom vocabulary activity which produces very high levels of engagement.  I would like to challenge you to watch the video below, download the PowerPoint template, and use this activity in your classroom.  This activity can be used in the math classroom, but can just as easily be used in any other subject area.  This is my version of Talk a Mile… Read Article →