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The Green Light Hundreds Chart (Free Resource with Instructional Ideas)

I see that 3,700 visitors have viewed “The Animated Multiplication Table.”  The combination of a ready-to-use resource coupled with instructional ideas drew some attention.  That resource was downloaded by many educators, and I quickly heard the stories of how it was used in classrooms.  Thank you for sharing!   I have another downloadable resource to share as well as several instructional ideas.  This is the Green Light Hundreds Chart.  I used a… Read Article →

Exploring Multiplication (Animated)

As a rookie blogger, I was shocked to see that more than 3,000 visitors explored and downloaded the animated multiplication table.   I wanted to spend a little more time exploring multiplication using PowerPoint animations.  This is my exploration.  The question at the end of the video will simply be, “Can you see 5/12 by looking at the table?”  Enjoy!   Thanks for watching today.  Here is the video.

The Power of the PLN

It is November, 2004. I have 22 fifth grade students, but I’m not standing in front of them. In fact, I’m not in my classroom.  And I’m not even standing. I’m sitting in the front of a conference room that is filled with adults:  The Oregon School Boards Association Annual Convention. The steps lead up to a podium, and looking across the podium there are hundreds and hundreds of adults. … Read Article →

The Parent’s Story of the Child

Your potential effectiveness as a teacher to each student will continually increase throughout the year. Why? Because you have the opportunity to better understand each child as the school year unfolds.  You see opportunities to differentiate across the classroom, and you wonder how to make it happen – and you strive to find ways to meet the needs of each student.   In short, you begin to understand each child’s… Read Article →