Monthly Archives: December 2014

The Red Box Challenge

Here is another hundreds chart that I created in PowerPoint.  This is the Light Switch Hundreds Chart.  Can you explain why it arrives at the final set of numbers?  Try to think outside of the “box.”  You’ll understand what I mean in just a moment…   Update:  This challenge has been solved one time now.  Congratulations to Rik Rowe’s High School Math Class in Massachusetts who have been the first… Read Article →

The Animated Multiplication Table

I made multiplication table using PowerPoint and went on to discover some very interesting relationships within the table. You will see several here.  Click here to download the table.  (After downloading, your first step will be to click the multiplication symbol to clear the table.)   Other posts that may interest you: The Maze Hundreds Chart Tiled Area Questions Introducing Cube Connectors Color the Cube Connectors Experiencing Subitizing Provide Massive Space… Read Article →

Letting Noticing Lead to Wondering

This post is simply my moving squares around using PowerPoint and letting it lead me to wonder about mathematical concepts.  You should watch it and see if it makes you wonder, too.