1. My students loved this and were totally engaged. Favorite S comment: “I’m learning!”
    I let them intuitively figure it out, then we formalized it with numbers and letters.
    Not sure if that is your intention. I have seen too many things that seem good but Ss cannot make the transition to formal.
    In my opinion, it was the best of both worlds.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I am really excited about trying these in my 7th grade math class. Any suggestions on what level would be best to start 7th grade on? Is there a way to download all the lessons in a section at the same time or do they need to be downloaded individually?

    1. I would start 7th grade with Set 21 and then move up to the challenge level that is the best fit. I’m setting it up so that you can download each lesson – or get an entire set of 10 all at once, after they have been posted. It’s a new process for me, but I think it will get materials into everyone’s hands much more quickly.

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