1. You have created so many mathematically beautiful resources to help us all think about maths. Have you considered making them friendly for Google Presentations? When I download the PowerPoints and then try and import them to my Google Drive they don’t work as beautifully as in Powerpoint. The lightening of the splat doesn’t work and the captions all remain layered on the screen. I believe many of us are fighting the battle of storage space and may be using Drive and would appreciate this. In the meantime, I’ll use your site to access these. Thank you!

    1. Hi, Wendy. Yes, I have considered this. I typically create materials in PowerPoint because the animation options leverage some really good opportunities. The use of transparency, animation, motion, and triggers (like in the maze hundreds chart, so that you can reveal ideas in any order) is especially useful. Yet, I hear this question often and fully understand it. I’ve wondered about rewriting some of the Splat! lessons so that they would work with the options in google. The trickiest part was the transparency, since google slides doesn’t have a built-in animation option to make an image (like the Splat) partially transparent. I’ve now though of a way to add a few extra steps in the sequence that would make it work. What I would need at this point is a pretty large block of time to rewrite the lessons. Thank you for this question. It’s a very important one! Truly, at this point it’s a matter of time in the midst of school, other upcoming blog posts, and some other projects I’m in the midst of.

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