1. This is an awesome addition to the original Splat!. The Classes I introduced that to were very entusiatic and there subitizing improved with the practice. A bonus.

    1. No, I don’t. I do know that some are working on it. I think the best option for the many educators who are using google slides – so they don’t have PowerPoint – is to try to use the PowerPoint viewer. I do know that some conversions to Google slides are being worked on.

  2. Could you explain to me how Fraction Splat works?

    I am not understanding how you are getting the numbers that go with each slide.


    1. Hi, Laura. Did you have a chance to see the video, and if so, did it make sense of the fraction splat?

    2. You need to add up the red parts of the circle. For example, in the first one, you see 3 blue shapes, and 4 white circles, with a 1/4 in red in each. Since there are 4 of those circles, they make up another whole, so the total is the 3 blue and the 4 of the 1/4 make up 4 wholes

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